Custom Tokens on Metamask

For FLEX and PancakeSwap LP Tokens

If you can't see the flexBNB, flexBUSD, flexBTCB, flexETH or PancakeSwap CDO-wBNB LP tokens, follow the steps below to add tokens to your MetaMask

  • Open Metamask

  • Click on "Add Token" under the Assets tab (see image below)

  • Select "Custom Token"

  • Input desired token address in the address field (the Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision (see image below) will be auto-generated once you input the Token Contract Address)

    • CODEX token: 0x9E95cB3D0560f9Cba88991f828322526851BFb56

    • PancakeSwap CODEX-wBNB v1 LP token: 0xB31dc5632018BF8b17BA8a155D5d88932404C468

    • PancakeSwap CODEX-wBNB v2 LP token: 0x32898e10a77594b45114cf7fd0f84ae2afbb997c

    • flexBNB token: 0xa900A6291d3A49B1b555b40bd6277D56228B690b

    • flexBUSD token: 0xC37d72b7A3363d418e9374d73151164AB588406D

    • flexBTCB token: 0xC82d3404fFC5f51F3E67BC9846ff0180d3c48178

    • flexETH token: 0x1c2a35565d730e3383048f1d0d598b6c2be7316e

    • CDO_vBNB Token: 0x252F36A2ed713829cc973CE2Ba1a7eEa8657d4cA

    • CDO_vBUSD Token: 0x4e4b429a15f27eed7258130d0df380be949d3cb0

    • CDO_vBTCB Token: 0xbe68360e052fba80a3037b78a82cc8373d542ac7

    • CDO_vETH Token: 0x7905bbc1e5e5c67640d89aec2ec190d34a159e96

  • Click "Next" (see image below)

  • Click "Add Tokens"

  • You should now see the token balance in your MetaMask

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