Token Distribution

CODEX Fair Launch Sequence

In the same fashion as fellow fair launch projects with limited initial resources, CODEX tokens will be rewarded to incentivise network participants that assist in bootstrapping and kickstarting our ecosystem.

Utility of CODEX tokens CODEX will be used for future governance voting purposes in future phases of the project.

CODEX will also capture the economic gains of the system where fees generated from risk tranching activities will be stored in a treasury wallet for token buybacks will be performed in the future. Community consensus will also be sought to decide on future changes in the utility of the token. CDO Token Information

Token Ticker: CODEX

Token total supply: 18 million tokens

Token Distribution:

Fair Launch Distribution (For users that participate in the pools in platform) : 80%, 14.4 million

Development Fund: 15%, 2.7 million

Warchest (tokens to be minted as required, no lock-in period): 5%, 0.9 million

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