The stops on our way to the moon.

CDO.Finance Launch Version ✅ Platform Fair Launch with CODEX token CODEX Token Emission with deflationary model (preserving token value)Flexible BNB/BTCB/BUSD Pools with CODEX rewards Exchange LP Staking Time-locked upgradable proxy contracts

Future Plans I ✅ Integration with yield sources for all tranchesCDO Contract Pools with Senior/Junior Tranching Complete Smart Contract Audits ⭕️ Create more single-source CDO Contracts Future Plans II ⭕️ Addition of token buyback/burn mechanism from transaction revenue of CDO contacts (more deflationary measures for CODEX) ⭕️ Implementation of Governance voting ⭕️ More exchange (AMM +CEX) listings and more PancakeSwap pools for better liquidity ⭕️ Add multi-sig to proxy contracts Future Plans III ⭕️ Create multi-source CDO Contracts ⭕️ Create CDO Contracts with further customisations in tranching/tenure ⭕️ Expand CODEX token mechanisms (e.g writing CDO contracts, leverage fees) ⭕️ Vertical Integration/expansion into direct lending markets or working with other protocols for liquidity into senior/tranches ⭕️ Expand services across protocols ⭕️ Create tradability functions for LP tokens of CDO contracts with existing tenure

More suggestions and ideas on how to grow our platform will be discussed with our community members for further updates and changes to our roadmap!

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