Leveraged Yield Farming with Dynamic Risk Exposure on Binance Smart Chain
CDO.Finance is the first yield farming protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to offer structured derivative products that offer adjustments in yield leverage and risk exposure.
We are a fair launch project with an entirely bootstrapped product (no investors!), with no pre-sale or pre-mine of tokens.
Through CDO.Finance, we hope to expand on the possibilities of decentralised yield farming and create a more inclusive solution, by giving risk-averse and/or capital-constrained users a chance at benefiting from yield farming as well!

Tranche Pools

Tranche Pools is the first fixed income product from CDO.Finance. Through an innovative yield sharing mechanism, Tranche Pools is able to offer the first structured derivative products in BSC that mirror the safety and security of highly-rated debt instruments offered by traditional finance, while still providing the enormous returns in decentralised finance.
Tranche Pools tranches returns from an underlying yield source (currently from Venus) into 2 tranches - Senior Tranche & Junior Tranche
Senior Tranche
Junior Tranche
Variable + Leveraged